The TBR concession tenure is held under the Production Operation IUP, which is valid for 8 years until 11 February 2022 and can be extended twice for a period of ten years each. TBR has also applied for the permit to borrow and use forest area and the recommendation letter from the Governor of South Kalimantan to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry was accepted by the ministry.

TBR has not commenced coal production. The Group is in discussion to engage a mining contractor to conduct mining operations in 2H 2017. Coal located within the TBR concession may be characterized as a high moisture, variable ash content, low sulphur and low energy coal.

Concession Area
The TBR project area covers a total of 489 ha of land located in the Angsana and Sungai Lohan sub district, Tanah Bumbu regency, South Kalimantan Province of Indonesia. The concession is situated 185km due Southeast of Banjarmasin, the provincial capital of South Kalimantan. Access to the concession area is via a two hour domestic flight from Jakarta to Banjarmasin followed by a three hour car journey along national roads to Angsana and finally a thirty minute car trip along SDJ roads to the TBR site. The concession is in an area with many operating mines.

 Category  Mineral Type Tonnes (Million) 1
Reserves 2
Proved Coal 40.7
Proable Coal 3.7
Total Coal 44.4
Reserves 2
Measured Coal 54.0
Indicated Coal 10.2
Inferred Coal 3.4
Total  Coal 67.6

1 TBR’s IQPR report has been shared during the Extraordinary General Meeting held at 16 December 2016.
2 Reserves and resources were based on SMGC’s IQPR as at 12 August 2016 and were reported in accordance with SMGC’s interpretation of the reporting guidelines of the 2012 JORC Code.